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Since LEC offers everyday living necessities...
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Company Profile
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Company Profile
Message from the President
"We are always making earnest efforts to develop products that can fulfill customers heart."
The needs for household appliances are unlimited.As long as people want more convenient and fulfilled life, and as long as people´s lifestyles become more diversified, new needs will emerge in the market one after another endlessly. In this huge and high-quality market, LEC, Inc. has been working hard to develop various products to fulfill customers´ heart, considering it as one of the company´s most important missions.
image:Mitsuo Aoki, President
Mitsuo Aoki, President
Our policy for product development is to focus first on seeing everything from customers´ viewpoints, and developing products by putting ourselves in users´ positions, instead of pursuing the company´s profit first.
In line with this policy, every product-development process at LEC, Inc. starts from the frontlines of sales departments, because this approach enables us to collect up-to-date information and customers´ needs from the market and reflect them into the development processes promptly.
In this way, we can better serve customers´ needs and produce "more convenient", "less expensive" and "more beautiful" products constantly.

We want to fulfill customers´ heart – that is the desire of every employee at LEC, Inc. We always think of "what we can do to satisfy and rejoice customers", by putting ourselves in users´ standpoints. We believe that if we develop all the products with this attitude in mind, our products will be needed by customers even in any recession years.

"Develop products earnestly to fulfill customers´ heart"– by placing this philosophy as the first mission of LEC, Inc., we will make utmost efforts also in the future to drive "price collapses initiated from the manufacturer´s side".
LEC Employees 3 Key Attitudes:
1. We never avoid challenges that we may face. / 2. We never give up things during the course of our efforts. / 3. We face every challenge courageously and fearlessly.
Company information
Company Statements
Company Statements   image:Headquarters externals
Corporate Profile
Company Name   LEC INC.
Head Office   6Fl., Nihonbashi-Yasuda-Sky Gate Bldg.,
3-15-1 Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Foundation   1st, October, 1979
Establishment   17th, March, 1983
Capitalization   5,491million Yen
Chairperson and Representive Director   Mitsuo Aoki
The President and Representative Director Takaki Nagamori
Director vice president Norikazu Watanabe
Executive director Isao Aoki
Managing director Takao Kumazawa
Managing director Masami Abe
Managing director Kazutoshi Ozawa
Director Hideo Masuda
Director Kikuo Ozawa
Director Toshiyuki Asano
Statutory audit Shinjiro Mitsukuri
Auditor Toshiyoshi Shimizu
Auditor Uharu Seguchi
Auditor Kiyoshi Nagano
Number of Employee   1,066 (as of 1st, April, 2012)
Activities   Manufacturing, sales and import-export of household utensils, gift articles,and corporate sales palpate articles
Dealings banks   The Shizuoka Bank Ltd., Headquarters
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Headquarters
Mizuho Bank Ltd., Ikebukuro-Nishiguchi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Shinbashi Branch
Company History
1979   SURUGA INDUSTRY established in Muchiushi, Yaizu-city Shizuoka.
1983   SURUGA IMDUSTRY CO., LTD. established.
1987   Central Research Institute (Project development section ) was seated.
1988   Established private warehouse in Oohaba, Yoshida-Cho, Haibara-Gun, Shizuoka.
1992   The headquarters relocated to Oohaba, Yoshida-Cho, Haibara-Gun, Shizuoka.
Company changed its name to SURUGA CO., LTD.
1996   The stocks are opened to the public to Japan Securities Dealers Association as over-the-counter issues.
1997   The headquarters relocated to Kawajiri, Yoshida-Cho, Haibara-Gun, Shizuoka.
2001   Company shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange(2nd Section).
2003   Company shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange(1st Section).
All the stocks of LEC INC. are acquired.
1953 Established in Yotsuya-1Chome, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo.
1957 The company is established in Hakusan, Bunkyo-Ku,Tokyo.
1971 Company changes its name to LEC INC.
1972 The headquarters relocated to Koishikawa, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo.
1991 Established Distribution center in Susono, Shizuoka.
2003 All the stocks are transferred to SURUGA CO., LTD.
The headquarters relocated to Nihonbashi-Hamacho,
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo.
2007 Established Technical center in Fujieda, Shizuoka.
2008   Established Shikoku Factory in Kagawa.
2009   SURUGA CO., LTD. affiliated with LEC INC.
Company changes its name to LEC INC. from SURUGA CO., LTD.
The headquarters relocated to Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo.

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