Privacy Policy

Regarding customers’ personal information (terms for the handling of personal information)

Regarding the acquisition, management and use of personal information

This company collects personal information from customers when conducting after sales service and mail order services. We do not acquire the personal information of customers using fraudulent means or without prior consent. The personal information that we do acquire is used to the extent that it is necessary in the discharging of our business. We take the appropriate, stringent safety measures to ensure that there are no leaks, loss, destruction or altering of information. The use of personal information may be effected via phone, mail, in writing, PC data and direct mailing methods.

Purposes of Use

The personal information we have been entrusted with is used as necessary for the following purposes. It is not used for purposes other than those noted below.

Disclosure of Information

To meet its purposes of use, this company consigns part of its business to other concerns; as such, there may be cases where customers’ personal information is escrowed to these relevant concerns to the extent that they are able to conduct their business. In such instances, these concerns are required to take the appropriate measures to prevent the discharging or divulging of personal information, and we oversee such efforts.

Disclosure to Third Parties

With the exception of the cases noted below, this company does not disclose personal information to third parties.

Disclosure, Amendment of and Deletion of Personal Information Held

Customers are able to request disclosure of the contents of their own personal information held by this company by requesting the information in writing from the counter noted in the next section. The company, upon receipt of such a request, will inform the person filing the request of the information held in writing using the method below.

Regarding Content Revision

To provide the best protection possible for personal information, this company may, without advance notice, change this privacy policy as it sees fit. When making requests for disclosure, please ensure that you have checked the latest information


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