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Our mission is not only provide easy-to-use, long lasting, and safe products, but also to improve constantly the products we proudly offered in order to meet customer's rising expectations.


Popular characters around the world becomes the pretty goods and appears!

ANPANMAN for Baby & Kids

Sanrio characters


Bathroom, Dressing room, Toilet… Important spaces that the whole family uses several times in a day. Therefore, comfortability and appearance are very important factors. The bath and toilet products of LEC focuses on the design with the variety of the item and good convenience. Various tastes and color variations create comfortable and relaxing spaces.

Kids & Baby

Kids and baby products are designed so that mother and baby spend an enjoyable and peaceful time together.

Hook & Interior

Hooks are one of LEC's top recommendations.
We have a wide variety of products, and plenty of uses and designs. Easy-to-choose package with mount color grouped by installation method and easy-to-see withstanding load labels.

Kitchen & Tableware

LEC's kitchen and tableware were born the research of Japanese kitchen and the eating habit of the Japanese. All are easy-to-use and practical items filled with ideas. The easy-to-wash design and easy maintenance are unique features to Lec's products.


Laundry becomes so more fun with this superior tools which increase efficiency. LEC's laundry products have been carefully crafted to make it easy to handle. Use it once, you can feel the goodness!


The concept is "Making your daily life more shining". Sparkling jewelry-like container will flutter heart. Once putting on nail polish, the glossy and gorgeous color will enhance female charm. Let's dress up daily life together with Hello Kitty loved all over the world!


Detergent series made by detergent craftsman "MOTEGI KAZUYA". We have a wide range of detergents. You can feel the cleaning detergent power used by cleaning professionals in various situations at home.


Natural cleaning is an easy-to-use cleaning method using natural and reliable materials. LEC offers a variety of natural cleaning detergent.


Varsan exterminates and prevents not only cockroaches but also ticks and fleas. Varsan has an abundant product lineup from home use to business use with outstanding effects.

Varsan Plus

Protects our healthy and comfortable life from invisible viruses and bacteria.“Chloric acid“ is a ingredient for removing virus and bacteria.
It has “Effect・Safety・Easy to use”.


"GEKIOCHI" is a Japanese word which means "Amazing Cleaning Power", and "KUN" is a Japanese honorifics for boys."GEKOCHI-KUN", an amazing detergent-free cleaning sponge, was born in 1999. It is one of the most popular and essential house cleaning products in Japan. With his amazing cleaning power, GEKIOCHI-KUN is a well-known reliable helper who makes cleaning easier. We provide a wide range of "GEKIOCHI" cleaning products in variety of purposes and types.